Vitalis - Alfa eCare presents the products Automation, LowCode platform and Alfa eCare Clinics for Dentistry

Vitalis - Alfa eCare shows the products Automation, LowCode platform and Alfa eCare Clinics for Dentistry

May 13-16, the Swedish Fair opens its doors to Vitalis. Alfa eCare is involved for the first time in several years with our biggest news for the health, care and welfare of the future. Alfa eCare exhibits in collaboration with Medarca in stand B11:36.


2024 is the year when Alfa eCare once again participates as an exhibitor at Vitalis, now in collaboration with Medarca, which is showing off its smart cabinets for medicine storage, keys, mobile phones and this year's novelty, bicycle batteries! To Medarca's website

Alfa eCare demonstrates and is happy to receive questions about our latest solutions for a smoother, more efficient and safer way of working - Automation, LowCode platform and Alfa eCare Clinics for Dentistry.


Automation, or robots as we call it, can be used in a variety of areas and businesses. We work with several hospitals and care facilities that have streamlined and secured their workflows with the help of automation.

The automation consists of a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that can perform the tasks that personnel would otherwise have to perform. It increases both the efficiency and the quality of the work processes and also increases staff satisfaction as repetitive and "boring" tasks disappear.

Alfa eCare offers complete or partial automation as an effective complement to already implemented IT solutions. To automate workflows, Alfa eCare has developed a platform that supports both Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA).

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With the LowCode platform, automated processes and smarter solutions are created, which results in your business and existing systems working more efficiently.

Many different systems mean a potential problem when confusion can arise about which information is where and that it takes longer than necessary to manage the various processes and flows.

With the help of our "lowcode solution", we can quickly and easily create the processes and web applications you need, based on your wishes and requirements.

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Alfa eCare Clinics is a complete medical record system for those who work in dentistry and need an IT system to take care of your information management and which meets your business' needs for control and administration.

Our recommended module packages mean that you have digital support which, according to many of our customers, can be seen as an extra employee who supports and facilitates work throughout the day. 

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