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Experiences and meaningful activities with VR

A trip along the Amazon River or a walk between the skyscrapers of New York can become more than a dream with the help of Virotea's VR glasses. Fantastic experiences and meaningful activities can be experienced individually or in groups as part of everyday life in various forms of accommodation and other activities within elderly care and LSS. 

Virotea's service comes in various ready-made solutions depending on the purpose. ViroteaGo has the same rich selection as ViroteaVR but is adapted for those who need a simple, fast and portable solution when moving. Excellent for businesses within home care, for example. 

Our cooperation program means that you, as a customer, can feel secure that the products and services provided via Alfa eCare are of high quality and value creation. Virotea is part of our partnership program since January, 2022.


VR as an educational tool

In order for staff in care and social care to be able to assist care recipients in the best way, they must be able to understand how a person with functional variation experiences their everyday life. It is difficult to use words to describe how e.g. someone with autism functions and how the staff's actions and treatment can have unforeseen consequences.

Many health and care operations share the problem of high staff turnover. Summer temps and part-time temps quickly gain a better understanding of and the skills necessary to carry out their work in a good way-

Healthcare staff have never had the opportunity to experience for themselves what it can be like to live with a functional variation. With ViroteaED this is possible!

Staff within LSS residences and care for the elderly meet care recipients on a daily basis as through their own
disabled people experience the world in a diametrically different way. ViroteaED is one
VR-based solution for education in healthcare where healthcare staff can test how
it is living with cognitive impairment such as autism and dementia. Contact us for more information!


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