Dental care and dental technology

Alfa eCare Clinics is for you who work in dental care or dental technology and need a product to take care of your information management and meet your business' needs for control and administration.

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Recommended module packages

Our recommended module packages in dental care and dental technology mean that you have digital support that, according to many of our customers, can be seen as an extra employee who supports and facilitates work throughout the day.

To achieve the best results, we recommend that Alfa eCare Clinics is used in its entirety, but there is also the option of choosing functionality based on needs.

Dental care

Module package

Adapted to dental care needs


Structured record keeping. All events such as calls, payments, referrals are recorded.


Invoicing, crediting, reminders, claims. Payments via debit card, Swish, cash, sale of articles.


Accounts receivable, withdrawal of SIE file, verification lists, balance report, accounting records, cash invoice

Healthy dental care
Complete built-in support for healthy dental care administration. From healthy dental care contracts to payment via invoice or direct debit. Including report extraction for follow-up.
Insurance Agency
Link to Försäkringskassan, where information is retrieved about the patient's current dental support, pre-test, post-test and appendices
More features

Process support - A support that guides the user in the business process.

Deviation – Built-in deviation management, including reconciliation report

E-prescription - Electronic prescription for everyone with prescription rights in both public and private business. Upcoming support for the national drug list.

Support for Swedish quality register SKaPa and SKRI (Swedish quality register for Caries and Periodontitis and Swedish quality register for dental implants.)

Dental technology

Complete business system with support for the entire process. Listed below are some of the key features:

  • Finance
  • Planning board
  • Accounting
  • Registration
  • Web orders
  • Deviation management

Get started now with prescribing

If you have the right to prescribe, you can easily register with us and send your first prescription within 48 hours, from any screen, tablet or mobile.

The prescription is linked to the E-health authority and works at all pharmacies in Sweden. The service is web-based and contains decision support via FASS and Sil, price comparisons for similar drugs, warnings for drug interactions and is prepared to be easily connected to the existing record system, all to make it easy to do the right thing.

Alfa eCare Prescription screen

Automation & process platform

Our automation and process platform is a key to increased efficiency and productivity. You can automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows and optimize your business processes.

The platform gives you powerful tools to automate manual tasks, build process steps, integrate systems and data, and monitor and manage data in real time.


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