SVPH's (Nockebyhöjden) introduction of Alfa eCare Welfare a great success

SVPH's (Nockebyhöjden) introduction of Alfa eCare Welfare for documentation, planning and signing a great success

During the past year, SVPH (Nockebyhöjden) has taken the step to introduce Alfa eCare Welfare for planning, documentation and signing. In this article, you get an insight into the collaboration that characterized the introduction of Alfa eCare Welfare, as well as SVPH's experience of the process. From the initial strategic decisions to the implementation phase and the clear benefits achieved through a combination of willingness to cooperate and a solution-oriented way of working and attitude.

SVPH Nockebyhöjden Alfa eCare Welfare

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, the need for efficient and flexible systems is of the utmost importance. For SVPH, it was necessary to acquire a more modern system that was better adapted to the business.
"For us, it was important to find a supplier who, in addition to being able to deliver a modern, user-friendly and secure system, could also offer good support and support the legal requirements we are obliged to follow," says Dinka Bilic, Head of the health and care administration at SVPH.

The implementation process

Dinka continues:
"After evaluating different suppliers together with our staff, we chose Alfa eCare and Alfa eCare Welfare. It turned out to be the most tailored solution for our needs and met our requirements. In addition, Alfa eCare showed flexibility in its business model".

During the fall of 2023, SVPH began its introduction of Alfa eCare Welfare, and now the system has been successfully implemented on all units. Dinka shares her experiences from the introduction process.
"The introduction has flowed smoothly thanks to support and regular reconciliations. The project manager Caroline Pros, from Alfa eCare has been available and focused on finding solutions. The success can also be attributed to the fact that we involved the staff from the start. Among other things, we assembled a larger group of superusers* and prioritized time for training. Everyone worked together as a team and had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the system during the implementation process, which helped us to solve the problems that arose in a good way.”

Key Features & Key Wins

It is critical to identify features that not only meet business needs but also improve efficiency and security. Dinka Bilic explains which functions have been distinctive for SVPH.
"The connection that Alfa eCare Welfare offers between health plans, status and notes is both smooth and very useful. Likewise, the statistics function is appreciated. In addition, the connection between our scheduling system and Alfa eCare Welfare greatly facilitates the onboarding of new users. The signature system is another key function that ensures a safe and clear delegation of tasks. Having a record system, planning and signing system in the same place has made it simple, flexible, easy to work with and safe for patients. In addition, documentation for all occupational categories has meant significant time savings. Alfa eCare Welfare is a user-friendly and very patient-safe system that guarantees both safe drug handling and documentation.”

SVPH – Planning and collaboration key factors for a successful implementation

At the heart of the successful collaboration between Alfa eCare and SVPH lies careful planning, good communication and a strong commitment.
"When we work on different projects, it is always important for us to carefully investigate our needs, involve representatives from relevant functions at an early stage and have close cooperation with our own IT support, CAG Datastöd. In this project, good planning and a well-functioning collaboration between our business, Alfa eCare and our IT support, were crucial. Another important factor was that we had clear roles in the project and that everyone involved was responsive, constructive and gave support based on their role in the project. It was also important for us that we got an Alfa eCare team in which we felt great confidence," says Dinka.

Caroline Pros, project manager at Alfa eCare, about the good collaboration with SVPH

"I look back on the implementation project with SVPH (Nockebyhöjden) as a textbook example of a successful project. All the key factors to achieve success have been there. I have witnessed two managers close to the business, Dinka Bilic and Johanna Gullberg, who have taken the lead in this journey of change with outstanding commitment and a clear goal for the business. The employees have been given the necessary time and resources to perform their work in the best way, and with an impressive solution focus have handled the challenges that may arise during an implementation,” says Caroline.

Caroline particularly wants to highlight the successful collaboration between SVPH as a customer, IT support CAG Datastöd AB, which supports the customer in digital business development, and Alfa eCare as a system supplier.
"Through continuous coordination and a close dialogue, we have ensured progress and quick response. The fact that we've had fun along the way is an added bonus! When all these pieces fall into place and I also hear from the employees about the positive effects that Alfa eCare Welfare has had in their daily work, my task as project manager at Alfa eCare becomes pure pleasure!” concludes Caroline.

*Superusers are system users who have deeper knowledge of the system as well as more authority and responsibility to support and lead other system users within the business.

Alfa eCare Welfare

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