Fear of bad reviews online – Reco's statistics show why it is unfounded

Fear of bad reviews online - Reco's statistics show why it is unfounded

If you are a customer of Alfa eCare and use SmartClinic (Clinicbuddy), you have the option to connect the integration to Reco. Then you can start working actively with your customer reviews. Something that, according to Reco's research, prevents the risk of bad reviews online, a common fear among the country's entrepreneurs. 

Fear of bad customer reviews limits business owners

Reco talks daily with business owners who are convinced that only angry and disappointed customers leave reviews. This is actually the most common bias that prevents many companies from actively working with customer reviews.

Reco's review shows the truth

In 2023, 973141 review invitations were sent out from 1934 companies that automatically poll their customers via Reco's software, for example SmartClinic (Clinicbuddy). This resulted in 168913 verified reviews of which:

  • 94,4% of these reviews had high ratings (ie a 4 or 5)
  • 1,19% of these reviews had the lowest rating (1/5)

This is surprising data for many. When companies actively ask their customers to write reviews, an impressively large percentage are found to give high or top ratings.

94,4% of those who wrote reviews gave high marks, i.e. a 4 or 5

Why do customers write positive reviews?

The answer lies in the companies' own efforts. Many companies work hard year after year without knowing how satisfied their customers really are with their services.

Through the integration with SmartClinic (Clinicbuddy), Reco enables this feedback by helping companies with an active and efficient feedback collection fully automated - asking customers at the right time and in the right way. But it is you, the business owners, who do the grunt work every day by focusing on your customer relationships.

By continuing to deliver excellent service, you build a loyal customer base that is willing to share their positive experiences. It is this dedication and hard work that is reflected in the positive reviews.

Customers - a valuable source of positive feedback and development opportunities

The general belief that only dissatisfied customers write reviews is not true. The majority of customer reviews are positive. Companies that actively encourage their customers to leave reviews often see them receive predominantly high ratings. This is a strong indication that customers value and appreciate the work and service they receive. Customers and customer reviews are a valuable source of positive feedback and development opportunities.

For more information about Reco and its collaboration with SmartClinic, visit the collaboration site.


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