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The new generation of digitization is here - the Low-code process tool from Alfa eCare! With the Low-code process tool, automated processes and smarter solutions are created, which results in your business and existing systems working more efficiently. 

Many different systems mean a potential problem when confusion can arise about which information is where and that it takes longer than necessary to manage the various processes and flows.

With the help of our "low-code solution", we can quickly and easily create the processes and web applications you need, based on your wishes and requirements.

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The process tool has in its library several smart "lego pieces" that represent different steps in a process. By kcombine the lego pieces in the best way, based on your needs and wishes, a coherent process flow is created.

Customer case: Case management

We build case management systems that suit municipalities, organizations and companies using "lego pieces" that suit your business. Examples of "lego pieces" can be My Pages, citizens' suggestions, error reports, etc.

Customer case: Deviation management

We build the municipality's deviation management based on requirements and needs. Examples of "lego pieces" that are used are the process step Investigation, Web forms, Notifications, Reports, etc.

Customer case: Citizen proposal

The Citizen Proposals e-service offers an easily accessible and functional place to submit and vote on the municipality's citizens' development proposals.

With the help of a customizable form with a clear proposal description, the citizen sends in his proposal to an administrator. With the push of a button, the administrator publishes the proposal and opens it up for voting

Customer case: Fault report

Submitting and then handling error reports becomes easy with the Low-code process tool. With the right "legos", you collect information, communicate with informants, send cases to the right person and extract statistics.

Customer case: Reset Password

Do you have an Active Directory for central user management? Then it is common for a large burden on IT support to be caused by users forgetting their passwords. With our solution, they can reset their password themselves and don't have to call IT support.

The restoration takes place smoothly via a form where the user can access their account information using e-identification.

Customer case: Mobile work order

Supports work processes connected to the management of mobile work orders. Streamlines the workflow for fitters and technicians out in the field. Information is registered in smart mobile phones on site at the customer's place and sent directly into the system. This cuts out several steps in the work process, which also facilitates the work of administrators who avoid manual registration of information.

The supervisors get an overview of what has been reported and can plan the jobs in a more efficient way. With the map support, supervisors can distribute jobs more intelligently between technicians out in the field.

Think of digital transformation less as a technology project to be finished than as a state of constant change, always ready to evolve for what customers want next, and you'll be on the right track.

Customer case: School services

Smooth e-services for the school's queues, information, certificates and applications.

Our simple and accessible e-services for primary school and preschool simplify communication between school and guardian. By digitizing applications and information, it gets it right from the start, with mandatory fields and an automated process. And you handle the matter with just a few keystrokes!

Customer case: First course

Municipal digital services for reclassification and registration of food businesses.

The Swedish Food Agency introduces the new model for risk classification of food operations in 2024. Make it easy for food companies to submit information to their municipality for the reclassification. The e-service includes notification of food company registration, change of business and termination.

Customer case: Served

Increases the municipality's service and accessibility for businesses.

Serverat contains ready-made digital services that make it easier for local companies to apply for various permits from their municipality. The e-services are developed according to guidelines from the Agency for Growth to ensure a uniform standard and uniform quality for all Swedish companies.

Customer case: Relief

A collection of digital services, created to facilitate the management of refugees.

The solution includes support for registration of newly arrived families, evacuation accommodation, a mobile application that functions as a contact surface for refugees, premises and accommodation management, follow-up, interpreter management, etc.

The services are developed based on the mass displacement directive and are constantly being expanded in consultation with municipal employees. You decide for yourself whether you want to use all or parts of the services.


Low-code is a method for program development that enables quick and easy creation of applications without deeper coding knowledge. It involves the use of graphical interfaces and predefined components to build a well-adapted and flexible digital environment.

The primary argument for using a low-code tool over building yourself is that it is cost-saving. You avoid costs for start-up, management, maintenance, support, etc. You also don't have to worry about paying for the expertise required to keep the system up-to-date with the latest requirements and functions. Everything is already built into the low-code tool and is maintained by us at Alfa eCare.

Process builder

Unique requirements from the business usually cannot be met by systems that follow standard processes, which leads to the system controlling the business. This in turn leads to the business creating manual processes or requirements being broken down and several small systems being bought in, which often results in quality problems and high costs.

By using a low-code tool where the business can control the processes, you can fix all these problems and the business can control the system instead of the other way around. 

Increase quality, streamline processes and save costs without changing systems

Create automated processes for all parts of the business

Create attractive interfaces
ex. My pages, with built-in process management.


Module library

The low-code process tool can be used within many different types of organizations. Below are examples of popular solutions for municipalities and companies that cover the needs of the business.


Module package adapted to the municipalities' needs.
The Low Code Process Platform is extremely flexible and can be built up, like Lego pieces, based on your particular business.

Alfa eCare Welfare holiday matching


Module package adapted to company needs.
The Low Code Process Platform is extremely flexible and can be built up, like Lego pieces, based on your particular business.


Own configuration

In addition to our recommended module packages, you can, in consultation with us, choose the "legos" that your business needs.

Contact us to see what opportunities are available for one

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In the city of Malmö, the municipality's deviation management is built with
Alfa eCare's process platform that supports and contributes to increased quality.

Contact us if you want to know more about the automation used.


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