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We at Alfa eCare want to offer our customers in the welfare sector as much value as possible. No one can be the best at everything, but maybe you are really good at developing digital locks, VR glasses or something else that adds value? In that case, we would like to get in touch with you.

Products, services and tools that complement Alfa eCare's products not only increase the value for the customer, it also adds something to you and us as we can use each other's contacts and experiences and together open up new opportunities.

Alfa eCare - partners

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Value for you

Are you curious about starting a collaboration with us? How fun! We'd love to hear what you think. A collaboration mainly takes place via joint marketing and mediation of customers and can involve:

  • a profitable collaboration for little effort
  • increased exposure to common customer groups
  • a broader offer to customers
  • facilitating mutual customers to find relevant services and products
  • a quality stamp through collaboration with Alfa eCare as a well-known player
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Part of the team

Together we create more
value for the customer

How our cooperation looks like depends entirely on the circumstances and there are many aspects to take into account. Often it is about technical conditions, resource availability, time consumption, level of ambition, etc. The focus for us at Alfa eCare is ultimately always the customer's value. With that perspective in mind, we are a flexible partner who can go from recommending a product to actually integrating the product into our own solutions. Nothing is impossible if we see that the customer benefits from it.



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We invite you to explore our News & Knowledge page, which offers a curated collection of articles and resources that we believe would be valuable and interesting for you.



For any inquiries about our services and products, or if you need to contact someone at Alfa eCare, please visit our Contact page for the relevant contact details. We are here to assist you.