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Through a well-designed training system, your organization receives a high quality of employee competence. New employees can easily get the right knowledge in a fun and pleasant way.

Adapted to professional role

All employees usually do not need to learn everything - therefore the courses are adapted to the professional role.

Follow up the development

A team leader can see statistics for their organization. See how far the course participants have come, who have stuck and need extra support.

Certificate on course completion

After completing the training, the course participant receives a certificate for completed course. Digital and printable.

Study at your own pace

We know that time is short and that it is not possible to set aside long moments without being disturbed. With Academy's structure, it is clear where you are in the course and you can take a few shorter lessons at a time.

View the material several times

Knowledge can initially feel fresh. Every lesson you can therefore go back and refresh your memory as often as you like.


Teacher-led courses

You are welcome to send in an expression of interest for the courses listed below. If you need other support from us, we offer tailor-made education that suits you and your business.


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