Meet Sigrid – New project manager and master of customer relations

Meet Sigrid - New project manager and master of customer relations

We are proud to present our newest addition, Sigrid Ingelhag, who has an exciting background and a burning enthusiasm to create positive change in society. 

Sigrid Ingelhag Project Manager Alfa eCare

Sigrid is project manager and Alfa eCare's latest addition. In addition to being a competent project manager, is a positive force who lights up the room with his enthusiasm. "I get so much energy from collaborating with people who come from different backgrounds and have different skills. It's fantastic to be able to combine technology and people in my work and to understand the real needs," says Sigrid.

With a little boy just over a year old, Sigrid not only has a passion for technology and e-health, but also for nature, in which she likes to spend time with her family. "My free time is spent outdoors, either hiking in the mountains or running by the sea. My little son has become my faithful companion on adventures," laughs Sigrid. 

A versatile background

Sigrid is basically a civil engineer and after her studies participated in a trainee program at a leading supplier of digital solutions in e-health. "I understood early on that I wanted to work with issues that connect technology and the individual. The trainee program was a good starting point for my later work in e-health," says Sigrid.

After the trainee program, Sigrid worked with business development in the health and care sector at Attendo, with a focus on technology and digitalisation. "Collaboration with the business and end users has always been key for me. That's what makes the work fun and valuable," says Sigrid.

Alfa eCare – The next natural step

What attracted you to Alfa eCare? "My curiosity led me to Alfa eCare, a product company with exciting technology in areas where an incredible amount is happening right now, especially in elderly care. I was impressed by the company's committed and competent team and felt that I would like to be a part of it. I hope that, together with our customers, I can develop their business with the support of our products and create as much value and quality as possible," says Sigrid.

Future ambitions

In Alfa eCare's culture and goals, words such as reliable, value-creating, quality-conscious and responsive are words that lead the business in the right direction. Sigrid explains how she can influence the market to perceive these values. "By working closely with the business and being responsive to their needs and at the same time keeping an eye out for future needs, I believe we create the most value and quality for our customers. A good collaboration and a solution-focused approach is the key to finding solutions to most things and taking us in the right direction," explains Sigrid.

Alfa eCare is proud to have Sigrid Ingelhag in the team and looks forward to continuing to offer innovative solutions and create positive change primarily in elderly care under her leadership. 

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