Meet Caroline Pros – new project manager at Alfa eCare

Meet Caroline Pros - new project manager at Alfa eCare

We are proud to present a new force at Alfa eCare – Caroline Pros, newly hired project manager with solid experience in the healthcare sector.

Caroline Pros

An experienced occupational therapist with versatility

Caroline Pros has roots as an occupational therapist with solid experience in municipal elderly care. "I am basically an occupational therapist and have for many years worked in Västerås city's dementia team, where I devoted myself to training and supervision of care and social care personnel who work with people with dementia", says Caroline.

Customer focus important when introducing new systems

Caroline most recently comes from the city of Västerås, where for several years she has worked as a project manager in digital development at the health and care administration. She is also a certified project manager, which strengthens her competence to handle complex projects and deliver reliable results. "During my years as project manager at the city of Västerås, I was responsible, among other things, for the widespread introduction of Alfa eCare's planning module, documentation module and digital signing in the municipality's operations. Introducing a new system often means a big journey of change for the customer, and it is my hope that my previous experience of having been on such a journey myself can come in handy. I hope to be able to guide, guide and support the customer in the questions and challenges that arise during the journey," says Caroline.

Challenges an opportunity for development

Caroline sees challenges as an opportunity for development. She is an advocate of collaboration and includes all interested parties to reach the best solution. "For me, it is important to work closely, together with the customer, to be responsive and to always have a strong business focus. As a project manager, I am committed, structured with a clear target focus, usually with a smile on my face. For me, challenges are meant to be solved and we do that best together. I believe that my experience from business allows me to see different alternative solutions to the challenges that may arise," she concludes.

Of course, Caroline is more than her profession. When she is not at the office in Västerås, she devotes herself to her two children and the family in the Västerås villa. She also has a passion for downhill skiing and likes to spend time in the Swedish mountains.

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