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About our policy

Alfa eCare is committed to protecting your privacy and security when it comes to personal information. Our privacy policy describes what information we collect, how we manage and protect it for your benefit. Everything is done with the utmost care and we follow the laws and regulations stipulated in the GDPR's general regulations. You can be completely confident that all information you provide will be handled according to our privacy policy.

To the extent possible, we have designed our systems and web pages to avoid you having to provide any data or information. However, some of our products and websites require you to provide information in order to use them safely and securely.

By using or visiting our products and websites, you consent to the collection, use and transfer of personal data in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy. Our policy can change over time, so we recommend that you periodically read our policy and thus stay up to date with our terms.

Through our open and accessible policy, we want to be as transparent as possible with our visitors about what and how we collect information.


The purpose of collecting personal data, personally identifiable information, is to be able to create better conditions in the relationship between you and Alfa eCare. In some cases it is a requirement of us, but mainly to be able to offer our customers modern and value-adding services.

Will we share the data with anyone else? No, Alfa eCare will never share, distribute, sell or otherwise disclose to third parties the information we collect, but it is only for Alfa eCare its group companies and use it in accordance with this policy.

What information do we collect and why?

First of all, we always treat the data that is collected with the utmost care and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, important for us and safe for you.

In some cases you can choose not to provide any information and in other cases you must do so in order for our systems and services to provide you with the best experience but also to protect you. In some cases, we are also required by law to collect certain information when our systems are used.

We collect information from most existing platforms such as mobile, tablet or computer and in addition from integrations used with or in our systems.

Approval to provide information can occur through your acceptance of cookies, through your professional role or through an agreement with us which is regulated in e.g. a PUB agreement (Personal Data Protection Agreement).

Services and Apps

When you use our systems on mobile, tablet or computer, we collect information about how you use the service. We do this in order to be able to develop and improve our services and in some cases because it is legally required of us.

Information that we collect is linked to which service you use and can be the type of web browser, contact details, IP addresses, SITHS ID, social security number, other relevant information for the functionality of the system.

Web pages

From our web pages where it is not possible to log in or access our systems, we collect information about what seems to interest you. We do this in order to be able to develop the website and the services you read about and create an even better experience for you.

On web pages where it is possible to register an order for services or log in to one of our services, in order for you to be able to perform any of the above, we will require you to provide more detailed information. It can be a name, e-mail address, social security number or something else that proves your identity.

In some cases, we use so-called cookies that do this possible for your browser to save some information on your computer to facilitate the handling of our web pages and services the next time you visit them. You can read more about what cookies are and how we manage them further down in our policy.

Market information

From time to time we may contact you for surveys or to provide you with information about our various services. It may also be an offer to subscribe to a newsletter or download upgrades to our services. We then sometimes use information that we have in our CRM and that you or your workplace have provided to us, such as name, contact details, workplace and your role at the workplace.

You can always opt out if you do not want such offers or informational mailings. Of course, you can also request to find out what information is in our CRM and if you do not want to have any or certain information. The easiest way to do this is by either stating in a mailing that you no longer want information or by contacting our support at

Dissemination of personal data

As we mentioned earlier, Alfa eCare will never without permission share, distribute, sell or otherwise share with third parties the information we collect, but it is only for Alfa eCare and its group companies and you can be sure that we only use it in non-compliance with this policy.

However, information can be transferred to another party in cases where an integration or other exchange between systems is a functionality of the system. This is then regulated, where appropriate, through a PUB agreement that we have signed with you or your employer.

Information Privacy

We always try to keep your personal data correct and up-to-date. To the extent possible, unless it is protected by confidentiality or other similar reasons, we will give you the opportunity to find out what information about you we have collected.

When you use our services, you or your employer are responsible for keeping the information current.

We protect the information through systematic information security work both on a technical and organizational level in accordance with current laws and regulations. Only personnel who, in their duties, need to have access to the information are given authorization to do so.

Linking other websites

If you are linked via our websites or services to websites that we do not control or are responsible for, their policy applies and not ours.


Cookies are small text files that are sent to your browser when you visit this website, and that are saved on the hard drive or in the storage memory of your device. The browser can then send information back the next time you visit the website. The cookies placed in the storage memory via this website cannot damage your equipment or the files already stored.

We use them to be able to see what you read about or download on our web pages and so that the next time you visit us we can facilitate and improve your use of our web pages and services. This may mean that your login procedure is made easier or that downloading updates and product information goes more smoothly.

In other cases, we use cookies to be able to analyze how our websites and services are used, e.g. at what times the website is used, what movement patterns look like or whether the frequency of visits to parts of the website increases/decreases when we carry out different types of marketing efforts.

You can always block and/or delete cookies from your computer or mobile. You can easily read about how to proceed via your browser's instructions and settings.

But don't forget that if you block or delete cookies on your computer or mobile, we may not be able to restore your preferences and personalization settings, and our ability to customize your online experience may be limited.


If you have any questions about our policy or how we handle personal data that is collected, please contact us via