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Digital patient meetings

CarePlatform is a web-based platform that works on all types of hardware, regardless of whether you or the patient use a computer, phone or tablet. The service has been developed together with healthcare professionals with a focus on ease of use and safety. 

A customized platform is already in place 24 hours after your order. Simple for both you and the patient who connects with a link sent via SMS or e-mail. No app or other software needed.

CarePlatform includes support for multi-party calls and an interface where administrators can help colleagues manage their digital care visits.

Our cooperation program means that you, as a customer, can feel secure that the products and services provided via Alfa eCare are of high quality and value creation. CarePlatform is included in our cooperation program since January, 2022.

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Satisfied patients

Conducting digital meetings has several advantages:

  • Possibility to work from home
  • Meet patients from other practices
  • Ability to convert cancellations to digital visits
  • Have more frequent and shorter reconciliations
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • The patient avoids travel time and waiting rooms


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