Alfa eCare's e-service simplifies the transition to new FörRätt standards for food businesses in 2024

Alfa eCare's e-service simplifies the transition to new FörRätt standards for food businesses in 2024

At the turn of the year, the Swedish Food Agency introduces a new standard that aims to improve the effectiveness of risk classification in food operations. The Swedish Food Agency and the Swedish Growth Agency run the FörRätt project, and now you can easily make the transition to the new standard via Alfa eCare's e-service.

Appetizer and e-service from Alfa eCare

All of the country's municipalities need to make adjustments to the new standard that comes into force in 2024. By digitizing the conversion process with the help of e-services, the task of reclassifying 90 facilities can be handled in a faster and smoother way, to the benefit of both the companies and the administrators . This work requires close cooperation between stakeholder groups, mainly IT system suppliers and municipalities, which led to Alfa eCares, formerly Selfpoints, development of an e-service available to both current and new customers.

After several municipalities showed great interest, Alfa eCare began work on creating the e-service, which consists of a form and process builder tool, which quickly and easily reflects the Swedish Food Agency's requirements and expectations for both the e-service and the handling of cases.

This work process includes the ability to fill in and submit cases, obtain receipts for submitted cases, and the ability to forward the case, including all necessary information, attachments and receipts, to an operational system.

Alfa eCare actively follows the development of new forms and services in close cooperation with the Swedish Food Agency. Through this collaboration, we can ensure that our customers are always informed about updates and other news.

Alfa eCare's e-service can be implemented by you who are already a customer or as an independent service. 

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Read more about Förrätt at The Swedish Food Agency's website

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