Alfa eCare Welfare creates value

Alfa eCare Welfare is the IT system that offers a coherent and user-friendly IT environment for those who work in the various areas of social services.

From the citizen's application via the Citizen Portal, to the exercise of authority and execution activities with documentation, planning and signing of inputs etc. you get a smooth and safe work tool that results in profits such as increased continuity, quality and staff satisfaction.

With a wide range of modules and functions, Alfa eCare Welfare can be tailored and configured together with our operations specialists to suit the conditions, requirements and needs of the operation.

In order to be a strong support in the end user's daily work, great emphasis has been placed on making Alfa eCare Welfare intuitive, user-friendly and powerful, and the system is optimized to work just as well on a desktop computer as on a mobile phone.

Alfa eCare Welfare is used by businesses and organizations all over Sweden, from small private companies to some of the largest municipalities.

Core business

Alfa eCare Welfare has packages for additional business areas with recommended module packages.