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About Alfa eCare Omega

Alfa eCare Omega is specially designed for municipalities' exercise of authority in healthcare and social care as well as individual and family care.

Developed with the Social Services' processes as its foundation, Alfa eCare Omega covers everything from applications through the municipality's e-services all the way to implementation. This makes it easy to handle and administer cases in compliance with current laws and regulations.

The system is completely web-based and modular, which allows for easy adaption based on the organization's n requirements and needs. Alfa eCare Omega is primarily offered as a cloud service for seamless upgradading and expansion, but it can also be installed locally.

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"Alfa eCare Omega is completely web-based and modular, allowing for easy adaption to the organization's requirements and needs."



How does it work?

The case management process is logically structured with modules and functions that communicate automatically, ensuring no informations falls through the cracks. This structure guarantees the quality of work and provides the opportunity to create statistics and reports for status and follow-up.

Caseworkers can work and follow the case management process step by step, with the option to go forward, backward or even switch between processes. Permissions are set so that the administrators can only see and focus on 'their processes'. Full documentation support is available in all processes and creating custom templates is simple.

Alfa eCare Omega also enables administrators to securely share and collaborate within processes and send messages to each other while maintaining confidentiality. This leads to smoother and faster care processing, which benefits everyone.

We develop modules in collaboration with businesses, taking their needs and requirements into account. Contact us for more information.

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clarity AND safety

With Alfa eCare Omega, you get a system that works from e-service to processing

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For whom?

With Alfa eCare Omega, authorites get a system that works seamlessly from e-service to processing. Municipal residents can apply for support directly within the system through the municipality's e-services and follow the progress of their case.

For the administrators, it offers clarity and security through automated data transfer between processes and modules. All information is consolidated in one place and is easy to review.

Alfa eCare Omega provides the municipality's social services with fast, flexible and secure case processing, simple administration and the ability to collaborate and follow-up.

The flexible and open platform offers many possibilities to connect other functions and services that may be needed or already exist.



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